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Our web proxy unblocks all websites for free. By using our proxy server you can now access and unblocked sites at school. You can unblock facebook, unblock youtube and browse anonymously with our free proxy server.

Website proxy uses fast giganet servers to protect your privacy when browsing
Our service is fast and free for life but most of all it will not slow your browsing down

Enter the blocked website address you want to unblock above.

Why Unblock Websites?

Our mission is to be the best free proxy server on the internet. You can use our free service to browse the internet quickly and at the same time protect your internet privacy.
Proxy servers like ours allows you to unblock websites and browse internet freely without having to worry about internet big brothers knowing where you have been and what you have been up to. Technically speaking, a website proxy does not allow large internet corporations to spy on you. When you visit a website, you will connect through our website proxy server, we will mask your identity and then provide you with a cached version of the website you are visiting. By accessing blocked websites like this we are able to serve you faster over our network.

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